Need to make a big impression?


Maybe you’re at a design conference to present your firm’s best work

Or you’re giving virtual tours for condos that don’t exist quite yet

You only have seconds to grab their attention, and in design, the details matter

You can show them renderings, pictures, and floorplans, the usual...

....or you can transport them to your building in delightful room-scale virtual reality


Take them there

We work with you to show off design intent with

beautiful materials,

dynamic lighting,

views, and

sound-scaping that transports your users.



But it’s the unsexy stuff we’re most proud of. Our years of experience and having conducted hundreds of architectural VR meetings has taught us a few things...

We know what makes a VR experience hum

...or what can make it fall flat.

Complex navigation, poor frame rates, and bad materials can kill a VR experience.

But with clear prompts, informational popups, and thoughtful execution, Virtual Reality can create the emotional connection to your design that sticks with them long after the event.


Fly-through and 360 images? We've got your back.

We know you need powerful marketing materials that you can share again and again 

Your showpiece should keep working for you long after your event with shareable videos and immersive images

Which is why whenever you purchase a showpiece VR experience, you will also receive 30-60 seconds of fly-through animation and 360 images--totally free.




After the event, show off your building with a beautiful fly through that can be shared and shared again. Animated fly-throughs have become industry standard for a reason. When you purchase a Bevel VR Experience, we include animated fly-through video free of charge. We work with you to set up paths, camera angles, and highlighted features. 


360 Images


Immersive, shareable, fun. 360 Images are the magic window into your building that brings them one step closer to feeling like they are there. And since 360 images can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, they're the perfect choice for when you want to show off your design to everyone--no headset required.


How does it work? 


step 1 - send us DESIGN FILES

We’ll guide you on how to clean up and export your design files to best highlight your design.

  • We work with all design file types from napkin sketch* to Revit. (*napkin sketches subject to an additional charge)
  • NDA needed? No problem. Use ours or send us your preferred document

Step 2 - we review the DRAFT together

Once we've reviewed the files, agreed on a price, and discussed your goals, Bevel gets to work, turning your design files into a custom VR experience using its proprietary Tourkit software.

We coordinate with you on materials and props, and include one round of revisions so you can be confident your Showpiece will shine.



step 3 - bevel delivers

We provide you with your Virtual Reality showpiece experience in an executable file that will work from any VR-capable computer and headset (Vive or Oculus reccomended). 

You'll also receive your shareable marketing goodies--a fly through video and 360 degree images for any platform. 

Need equipment or help with the event? We can take care of that too. 


Get Started Today

Bevel's Showpiece tours come standard with:

Premium Virtual Reality Experience

  • Room Scale VR experience (for Vive or Oculus)
  • Beautiful materials, props, and furniture from our library
  • Dynamic lighting
  • modeled site context
  • soundscaping

60 Seconds Flythrough video

360 images (up to 10) for web and mobile


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