Virtual Reality Development

VR is a modern designer’s dream: it empowers iteration, communication, and prototyping using the 3D models you’re already making. Yep. These silly little headsets make a big impact on design projects.

Virtual Hospital Mockups

We’re makers, so don’t get us wrong – making giant cardboard forts is our idea of Saturday. Cardboard mockups are classic, but you can create more iterations and test changes on the fly with virtual medical mockups. This is why Bevel supplements and streamlines 3P Lean events. Get earlier and more consistent design feedback. Extract actionable, visual data. Now that’s what we call Lean design principles.

VR Showrooms

VR Showrooms are a unique way for brands to immerse their customers in their products and designs. Let your customers customize their spaces or show off the scale of a large product. Advanced hand and eye-tracking capabilities give you unique customer insight bigger on the inside.

Workflow Simulation

It’s like a step counter on steroids. Lean design data helps improve efficiency in Hospital architecture, but applying this data can feel like guesswork. We created this workflow simulation tool to compare and visualize Lean data across design iterations.