Simon Manning

Simon is first and foremost a Maker.

Before he ever donned a VR headset, Simon was building physical things--models, 3D Printers, even a mixed reality capture setup. Grounded in the knowledge of physical things, Simon's virtual experiences display clarity and confidence.

His innovative work on the F5 Tower in Seattle was featured in Wired Magazine and he is regularly invited to speak on the topic of enterprise VR applications. When he’s not immersed in architecture Simon is an active member of the growing VR community, sharing his knowledge and trying the latest gizmos to keep up with the rapid pace of technology.

Simon in the News

Wired Magazine, VR Is Totally Changing The Way Architects Dream Up Buildings, Nov '16.

Seattle K5 News, Virtual reality school prepares for expected new jobs



Simon's Speaking Credits

Seattle Makerfaire - Sept ‘17

Presented in the Museum of Pop Culture about how immersive tech is used to aid fabrication.


AIA OK - Oct ‘17

Spoke about how VR can be used in the design process.


OSU Architecture - Oct ‘17

Taught a 2 hour workshop to design students on VR applications and workflows.


Portland AECIT conference - April ‘17

Presented to AEC IT leaders about how AR/VR can be used to manage risk.


CSI Bi-regional conference - May ‘17

Presented number of case-studies demonstrating practical value of VR


Seattle Design Fest - Sept ‘16

Organized Panel on the role of VR in the design process


Expedia Discovery Fair - July ‘17

Presented immersive walkthroughs to 500+ staff members during a design review workshop.


ZGF VR Training Tour - Sept ‘16

Taught 2 day, hands-on VR workshops at each of ZGFs offices across the US and Canada.