Showpiece Tours

Finally now we can understand the experience of being in a space while the space is still only imagined.

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With our design and architecture background, we can take whatever design files you have and make them shine. We employ real-time rendering engines armed with our proprietary software and content packages to produce a stunning immersive room-scale virtual reality experience.

These immersive and interactive tours are totally full service. We take your design and work directly with your designers to understand your design intent. We create the experience then we totally take care of the delivery. Do you have an event where you want to showcase your design? That’s all included. We will bring our top-of-the-line equipment and host the VR implementation.

Bonus: The same comprehensive virtual worlds we are creating in these real-time engines, can be used to generate the still images and video fly-throughs that the industry is accustomed to. In fact, that’s included, too.  


In an effort to help you fully understand what you’re buying, we’ve simplified the process into 3 tiers, outlined below. These features are constantly updating. Please contact us with questions or feature requests.

Bronze Silver Gold
Locationally accurate context
Context Buildings Skybox Massing Realistic
Animated entourage
Geographically correct sunlight
Dynamic interactive sunlight
Dynamic interactive artificial lighting
Beautiful materials from our library
Beautiful custom materials
Interactive material palettes
Furniture and Props
Premium furniture and props from our library
Premium custom furniture and props
Rearrange and place furniture and props
Interactive design option switching
Data and Information
Gaze Tracking
Path Tracking
Informational popup nodes
Standalone room-scale VR executable
High resolution (4k) stills of the rendering
High resolution 360 images of the rendering
HD video flythrough (max 1 minute)
Event delivery, 1 day or less, Continental US
Any worry on your part