AR Plans For Stakeholders

Are you in need of showing off your project in a way that will impress the pants off of someone who decides whether your project lives or dies? Our AR plans for stakeholders are the perfect way to jump off your traditional project plans and into your future project.

AR Plans Case Study

Client: Expedia

Architect: ZGF Architects

We started by solving a very pressing need for the client–communicating the design on-site to important decision makers on their next visit. We created an augmented reality iPad app for the team. Think of it like a magic window that makes it possible to envision the campus on the physical construction site and on top of the construction documents.

Project Features:

  1. Creating an iPad app for an on-site full-scale AR experience.
  2. Enhancing a site plan of Expedia?s headquarters using an AR overlay that placed aligned photospheres onto a physical model of the campus.

Project Goal:

The on-site full-scale AR experience

When you?re not an architect, and even sometimes when you are, envisioning the future of site conditions is really hard. Even after rounds of traditional drawings, renderings, and 3D models, we?ve found if we can get decision makers on site with a ?magic window? app it takes just seconds before they are convinced!

We?ve discovered that an iPad with site-specific AR is the best way to show the future of your project. Without much of a learning curve, you can hand it over and watch the look of awe as all the pieces fall into place.

AR?overlay of Expedia HQ site plan

Expedia wanted to share the wealth of this incredible AR experience, however, were not able to take hundreds of Expedians to the site to show them what to expect, so we brought the site to them during an employee gathering a few months later.

360 photosphere touch points on the Expedia HQ, ZGF model

Expedia helped employees get a sense of their new HQ with a beautiful architecture model by ZGF, enhanced by Bevel with some simple but powerful AR tools: 360-degree renderings. Bevel enhanced ZGF?s 3D model with augmented reality in AR Kit. When viewing the model through the iPad, employees saw photospheres spatially located on the model that they could touch and explore.

ZGF?s gorgeous physical model and Bevel?s AR 360 photospheres allowed a room full of excited employees to get a sneak peek of the action.

A look through the iPad magic AR window at one of the 360 photospheres featuring of new Expedia HQ

The employee gathering gave everyone a chance to see the complexity of information the company had put together about the HQ transition and then put it into context, spatially.

?Clients really appreciate the addition of AR experiences to the design process. Their decisions are more confident, they don?t have to go back to revisit or ?sleep on it?. They can see the different experiences and make a decision that they felt they were more informed about?

Demo Video:

Take a look at our AR 360 photosphere demo from the employee get together, where Expedia folks first got the chance to check out the new campus.

Expedia media:

Click here for the official Expedia announcement and pictures from the AR experience.