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Our resources page is here to support your VR/AR team. Find our free Revit Family downloads to help you guide your meetings. Join the AEC VR Slack group to stay on the bleeding edge of spatial tech. Be the first to get access to our free VR tools and educational tutorials. Sign up for the mini-training emails series for a preview of the class with our best tips, favorite workflows, and our favorite XR success stories. 


virtual reality helpers - downloadable Revit families

When someone is blindfolded in VR, it can be difficult to communicate with them.

We’ve created these Revit helpers solve that in simple, easy to use ways:

VR Breadcrumbs - VR wayfinding and pointing, Line based pathway and arrow making component for Virtual Reality meetings. Compatible with any Revit to VR workflow. This helper streamlines communication, prevent bad teleportation, and allows you to guide your client from the outside of the headset.

VR Billboard - Drop this Revit element anywhere in your plan. Your message will appear in VR in big readable for anyone in VR to see. This helper improves meeting efficiency through clear labeling or serves as a hands-off introduction to your building. Remain on brand with a wide range of flexible font and color parameters.


Virtual and augmented Reality E-guides

New to using Spatial Tech in your Architecture practice? Want to know our favorite equipment and software? Our e-guides are the fastest way to introduce yourself to the possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality in your AEC workflows.  


  • Instant CAD to VR Software Comparison Chart
  • Intro to Augmented Reality for Architects
  • Best Practices for VR Meetings

Coming soon: BIM and VR, a Love Story

BEVEL training workshops - COMING SOON

Our most popular firm workshops are being adapted for quicker, easier, online access. 

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Learn how and when to use spatial tech to create the biggest impact on your projects and best impression on your clients.