Meetings and Events

Looking for an easy, low-risk way to leverage VR technology in your practice? These bite-sized service packages are our way of saying "we've got you covered." Each of these is a self-contained bundle that guarantees you'll get the most virtual bang for your buck, without having to worry about a thing.

Every one of our offerings includes equipment, labor, software, and world-class support so you always know what to expect.  



immersive decision-making

In VR, design decisions that can take weeks to make, take minutes instead. Cut to the heart of an issue and get everybody on the same page without dozens of drawings and that glazed-over look in their eyes.

We work with you to process your files for VR and help plan the experience to get the results you need.  We use the latest, top of the line equipment so you never have to worry about keeping up with this fast-paced technology. 


Virtual Healthcare Design

Planning a hospital, laboratory, or clinic? We have developed a suite of processes and tools specifically to aid in the LEAN design process. We can show up to your planning events and augment your existing offerings or hold stand-alone workshops that save you time and money while gathering more data than ever before!

Enhance processes like:

  • Large-scale physical mock-ups
  • Patient and practitioner flow planning
  • Procedure mock-ups
  • Equipment placement
  • Ergonomics 
  • Wayfinding

Installations, expos, and conferences, Oh my!

Have a public event coming up that could benefit from immersive technology? We can help! Bevel provides a full service experience that takes the risk and worry out of deploying VR at public events.

  • We work with you to bring your products to life in virtual reality with turn-key software.
  • Make it social, invite several participants to experience your project simultaneously.
  • Immerse viewers in your brand with an unforgettable experience.
  • Collect data on what users loved and what they may have missed.
  • Hands-on support so you can focus on your audience while we take care of the tech.

Need something a little more special? Check out our custom experiences here


TelePRESENCE: the 21st century commute

Wish there was a way to have productive and engaging meetings with your clients without the weekly trips across town in rush hour traffic or frequent flights across the country? We've got a solution. 

Bevel can equip you and your client with the tools to have VR design review sessions inside the space in question from the comfort of your own office. This can lead to more productive client engagement which leads to a better finished product.

Whether it's spending more time on the design or with your family, you have better things to do than commute.


Get Started

1.     We’ll ask you about your project, your client, who will be attending the meeting, and the goals of the meeting.

2.     We find the right tools for the job and work with you to prepare your files for Virtual Reality

3.     We’ll arrive early with equipment, and take care of the technology side so you can focus on your client and getting your questions answered.