Making and Hacking

Our favorite world is the world with warm hugs, spicy food, floating balloons, and fuzzy puppets. Bevel?s Maker mentality melds the virtual and the physical.

Puppet Pandemonium

We combined our love of Making with our AR expertise for Puppet Pandemonium?The live performance puppet arcade game that won an Indie Games Fest award along with invitations to showcase at E3, PAX, IndieCade and even GDC 2019!

XR Dad

A vlogging, blogging, and podcasting project that Logan Smith, Bevel?s Technology Director, has teamed up with Alex Coulombe, of?Agile Lens, to produce.

Parents and interested XR nerds everywhere didn?t know they needed this but here it is, your monthly dose of XR parenting.


In this crowd-sourced balloon structure, Bevel collaborated with GGN and ZGF Architects to create an evolving, floating topography. ?Uplift? invited participants to create a mixed media art installation of balloons, hopes, and dreams?meant to symbolize unity and collective action. Bevel designed and manufactured benches and provided VR Mockups and iterative design assistance.