Firm Workshops

We teach AEC firms how to use VR to prevent rework, avoid writeoffs, and facilitate decision making.

Our instructors draw from years of experience in onboarding large architecture firms into VR and tailor their workshops to fit your interests, level of expertise, and time.

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Series - VR for Firms

entire series (3 day, 2 sessions/day) - $3,800

This hands-on workshop series will provide you with the skills you need to hit the ground running to effectively, confidently, and profitably use VR in the AEC industry.

Whether you currently use VR or have been meaning to try it, this course is a comprehensive look at applied uses of VR that goes beyond the basics of setup and software use. 

We designed these courses in a series to give your firm all the education to make the most out of these new tools. They can also be purchased individually as detailed below.


1 - When to use VR to maximize project profitability (1 hr) - $950

Especially for principles and project managers (up to 20)

The first class begins with insights on spatial computing in the AEC industry and the economics of VR usage in this industry that may surprise you. This talk addresses the "why" of using VR in your practice, and by the end you'll have a much clearer picture of the value of the technology for your business. 


2 - Everybody's doing it (1.5 hr) - $950

For project teams (max 8)

Time and time again, we see teams that want the benefits of virtual reality but fail to realize them because the technology feels mysterious and intimidating. The only cure is to get every member a hands on introduction to doing it themselves. We will cover the basics of use, common pitfalls, then every single participant will pull their own project and walk through it in VR. 


3 - Modelling for VR, efficiently (1.5 hr) - $1,450

Especially for BIM managers and production staff

This class uncovers best practices to improve your 3D models for VR, as well as tips and tricks for using "Instant VR" software. We're already making virtual buildings. It's time to learn how to do it right so we make the most our valuable data-rich dimensional model. Last, we will show you how to leverage these new better models can save you steps throughout the design process. 


4 - Expanding your toolbox (1hr) - $900

Especially for designers and production staff

Consumer VR has been around for a while now. What are the tools that already exist that can benefit the architect's workflow? We will walk you through the best of the current marketplace and show you how each can fit into your process in a way that saves you time and improves your final product. 


5 - Running a single-user VR Meeting (1hr) - $950

Especially for project architects and project managers

VR meetings are different from traditional meetings. Used correctly, VR gets decisions made earlier, faster, and more permanently. But the effectiveness of the VR meetings hinges on organizers ability to guide that meeting to productivity. We have participated in hundreds of VR meetings and have learned by experience what makes them work.



6 - Running a multi-user VR meeting (2 hr) - $1,750

Especially for project architects and project managers

Multi-user meetings are a new addition to the architectural VR user's toolbox. There is added complexity but a huge opportunity to get decisions made even more effectively. We will teach you the techniques and a skills to run these meetings confidently, and help your project get done right the first time. 

Prices and timelines for Portland and Seattle firms. 
Firms outside of Portland and Seattle must buy entire series and cover travel expenses.