Simon Manning,
Creative Director

Simon Manning, Bevel Creative Director, and Maker is a digital fabricator and immersive technologist wizard. His career has been defined by using digital tools to build awesome things which have been featured in publications such as Wired Magazine and GeekWire.

With a background in medical planning and human-centered design, Simon is motivated by spatial technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality because of their unique ability to shape people’s reality

Outside of work, when he?s not leading impromptu teams at hackathons, Simon serves on the Advisory Board of the Washington Ensemble Theater where he guides the use of technology to enhance their live performances and set design.

Fun XR Extracurriculars

Puppet Pandemonium -?Puppet Pandemonium is an interactive puppet game that??ultimately battles the evils of fascism.??The team needed a quick and easy to assemble puppet theater to compete in GDC.?Simon designed and iterated the theater?s aesthetic with the team in VR. Then created an interactive AR guide. See the whole event details here.

Featured in Recent Blog Posts

Why Esri + Autodesk?

Esri’s ArcGIS is the gold standard for GIS data?Having this information readily available and integrated into existing workflows will save time and money.

Simon Manning Speaking at AIA Oklahoma

. . .highlighting case studies of how architects have used VR and AR in their workflows to improve efficiency and elevate design. Thanks for the invitation to speak, AIA OK! 

Bevel to Present at Seattle Maker Faire

Word is out. Bevel’s Logan and Simon are speaking at the Maker Faire about their experience at the intersection of VR and Making.