Maret Thatcher ,
Communications Director

Maret Thatcher, Head Strategist and Marketer at Bevel is bringing the reality into virtual. Previously a construction lawyer, Maret?s experience sparked an interest in spatial technology and the possibilities it holds for the architecture and enterprise industry.

She?s excited to be at the forefront of transforming 2D computing into a technology that moves people from their phones out into the real world.

Featured in Recent Blog Posts

Magic Leap vs Hololens for AEC Industry

Updated Jan 3, 2019 With the new year here, we wanted to revisit one of our more popular posts from 2018 and give you all some updates on where Magic Leap and Hololens are at these days. Enjoy! Hololens It’s been almost 3 years since the Hololens has been released, we know it might not […]

Hand Tracking in Virtual Reality with Leap Motion

The Leap Motion?s hand tracking prowess simplifies interaction, aids the sense of immersion, and allows for creative interaction concepts.

Augmented Reality – Interior Design Tool

Augmented Reality is so fun for real world architectural applications because you can start manipulating the physical real world in virtual space. Instead of a hologram floating arbitrarily in space, we have a real world wall and floor we can play with in virtual space and express in different ways–all on the fly.