Maret Thatcher ,
Communications Director

Maret Thatcher, Head Strategist and Marketer at Bevel is bringing the reality into virtual. Previously a construction lawyer, Maret?s experience sparked an interest in spatial technology and the possibilities it holds for the architecture and enterprise industry.

She?s excited to be at the forefront of transforming 2D computing into a technology that moves people from their phones out into the real world.

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In my experience Halloween’s either all in–you?re jumping in with both feet–or there?s no point in even playing the dress up game. I guess Bevel?s resident Maker Madman and XR extraordinaire, Simon Manning got that same memo because he takes his Halloween costume game to the next level. Last week Lexi sat down with Simon […]

Mobile Augmented Reality in AEC

Handheld Mobile Augmented Reality is the Swiss Army pocket knife of Augmented Reality. Sure it doesn?t have the locational precision and model detail of headmounted Augmented Reality (see our last article), but give it a break?it?s running off your tablet?s camera. So how is Handheld Augmented Reality different from Headmounted?Augmented Reality? And how is it […]

Large Scale Augmented Reality with Magic Leap

Bevel was in Helsinki attending the World Summit on Digital Built Environment, as well as speaking at the Helsinki AEC Hackathon. Of course, we couldn?t resist bringing our new toy along. We brought the Magic Leap to do a mini-hackathon with a Helsinki?s 3D City Model. Our goal was to find out the challenges of […]