Logan Smith,
Technology Director

Logan began his career as an architect–frustrated by the inefficiencies of the profession and wishing there was more time for design, he began automating processes using Unity and the Revit API. At Bevel, he heads research and development. He enjoys multidimensional puzzles and is currently obsessed with the opportunities created by persistent locationally accurate AR.


Fun XR Extracurriculars

XR Dad – A monthly vlogging, blogging, and podcasting project that Logan has teamed up with Alex Coulombe, of?Agile Lens, to produce. It’s a fun way to share what each of them is doing with VR and AR with their kids and to open peoples eyes to the possibilities of what this tech can do. Check out the XR Dad showcase?for more and subscribe for their monthly cyber get-togethers.

Featured in Recent Blog Posts

XR Dad

Exciting BIM and VR technology unlock promising potential

Autodesk University was quite the success last week, but we’re just getting started. Industry Insights by UNIFI invited Simon and Logan to be on their webinar. The topic: ?BIM and Virtual Reality.? BIM and Virtual Reality webinar highlights: Why VR isn?t just about being showy?when you have BIM, it?s about data. There?s some perception that […]

This Is An Awesome AR Demo To Download

We have some pretty clever people working at Bevel, who recently attended Autodesk University and had the pleasure of having our AR demo presented in Unity’s keynote. With all of the work we have been doing with Unity and Revit in our spatial technology solution making, Bevel has become somewhat of an expert in the […]