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Augmented Reality

Data in Context

Magic Leap, Hololens, ARkit solutions built for AEC industry pioneers and their clients.

Virtual Reality

Immersive Tools

Custom VR tools and services for Spatial Problems.

Do More With your Mockups in VR with our Lean design services.

Making and Hacking

Virtual, Meet Tactile

Maker Mentality helps Bevel meld the virtual and tactile.

Because our favorite world is the one with hugs!

Meet the Creators of Bevel

Bevel brings Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to the AEC industry.

Logan Smith

Logan Smith

Technology Director

As an Architect, Logan saw the inefficiencies of the profession and wishing there was more time for design, began automating processes using Unity and the Revit API. His current obsession is with the opportunities created by persistent locationally accurate AR.

Simon Manning

Simon Manning

Creative Director

With a background in medical planning and human-centered design, Simon is motivated by spatial technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality because of their unique ability to shape people’s reality

Maret Thatcher

Maret Thatcher

Communications Director

In charge of bringing the reality into virtual. Previously a construction lawyer, Maret’s experience sparked an interest in spatial technology and the possibilities it holds for the architecture and enterprise industry.

We Unlock XR For Visionary Companies

Visualizations and Simulations that move your projects forward–faster, easier, and better.
And while having a hell of a lot more fun.


We teach, blog, and lecture about XR applications, industry trends, and how to leverage your existing 3D models in the world of XR computing.

Bevel presents XR dadPeople vector created by Freepik

Who is XR Dad?

The Bevel Team is scattered around the West Coast this week for the Magic Leap Conference, Indiecade, and Seattle Startup Week, so we interrupt our regular programming for a very fun announcement: XR Dad. You might know Logan Smith as Bevel's…

Mobile Augmented Reality in AEC

Handheld Mobile Augmented Reality is the Swiss Army pocket knife of Augmented Reality. Sure it doesn’t have the locational precision and model detail of headmounted Augmented Reality (see our last article), but give it a break—it’s running…

Large Scale Augmented Reality with Magic Leap

Bevel was in Helsinki attending the World Summit on Digital Built Environment, as well as speaking at the Helsinki AEC Hackathon. Of course, we couldn’t resist bringing our new toy along. We brought the Magic Leap to do a mini-hackathon…
Magic Leap vs Hololens bevel space blog

Magic Leap vs Hololens for AEC Industry

Augmented Reality enables intuitive interaction with spatial data by putting it where it matters—in the field. When it comes to head-mounted Augmented Reality, there are two major companies we develop for: HoloLens and Magic Leap. Both…