Augmented and Virtual Reality Studio

Spatial Solutions
For 3D Puzzles

Explore how we’ve helped our clients solve problems bigger than their teams.

Augmented Reality

Data in Context

Magic Leap, Hololens, ARkit solutions built for AEC industry pioneers and their clients.

Virtual Reality

Immersive Tools

Custom VR tools and services for Spatial Problems.

Do More With your Mockups in VR with our Lean design services.

Making and Hacking

Virtual, Meet Tactile

Maker Mentality helps Bevel meld the virtual and tactile.

Because our favorite world is the one with hugs!

Meet the Creators of Bevel

Bevel brings Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to the AEC industry.

Logan Smith

Logan Smith

Technology Director

At Bevel, Logan creates tools for efficient VR workflow and client communication so that architects can spend more time improving design.

Simon Manning

Simon Manning

Creative Director

His innovative work on the F5 tower in Seattle was featured in Wired Magazine and he is regularly invited to speak on the topic of enterprise VR applications.

Maret Thatcher

Maret Thatcher

Communications Director

Maret paid for law school while working on job sites as a laborer and flagger. She soon became a construction lawyer and would later go on to represent a number of contractors later in her estates practice.

We Unlock XR For Visionary Companies

Visualizations and Simulations that move your projects forward–faster, easier, and better.
And while having a hell of a lot more fun.


We teach, blog, and lecture about XR applications, industry trends, and how to leverage your existing 3D models in the world of XR computing.

Magic Leap vs Hololens bevel space blog

Magic Leap vs Hololens for AEC Industry

Augmented Reality enables intuitive interaction with spatial data by putting it where it matters—in the field. When it comes to head-mounted Augmented Reality, there are two major companies we develop for: HoloLens and Magic Leap. Both…

Hand Tracking in Virtual Reality with Leap Motion

The Leap Motion’s hand tracking prowess simplifies interaction, aids the sense of immersion, and allows for creative interaction concepts.

Augmented Reality - Interior Design Tool

Augmented Reality is so fun for real world architectural applications because you can start manipulating the physical real world in virtual space. Instead of a hologram floating arbitrarily in space, we have a real world wall and floor we can play with in virtual space and express in different ways--all on the fly.

Event: Virtual / Augmented Reality Happy Hour

Bevel and SXD are teaming up for a Virtual/Augmented Reality Happy Hour THIS Thursday April 10 from 4:30-7 PM. Join us for a Virtual Reality Open House at WeWork Custom House! Come prepared to immerse yourself in the streets of a far way…