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What We Do



We create VR and AR experiences and tools for our clients. Creating transportative, interactive, and gorgeous VR and AR experiences isn’t just our bread and butter. It’s our jam.

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We train AEC professionals how to use VR in their practices to prevent rework, avoid writeoffs, and facilitate decision making.   



 HTC Vive 

HTC Vive 


We help organizations of all stripes leverage spatial technology (like VR and AR) to reduce risk, save time and money and showcase their work.


a Creative Consultancy for Virtual and Augmented Reality

We make custom Virtual and Augmented Reality tools and experiences for Enterprise.

Whether it’s an immersive architectural rendering or a virtual retail showroom--we are obsessed with the power of VR and AR to tell stories while reducing risk, unifying teams, and improving decision making. 


 Our VR and AR developers hail from Architecture and Building Construction.

Our VR and AR developers hail from Architecture and Building Construction.

Our Roots


We fell headfirst into VR and AR via Architecture--which means we put care into design and user experience and we eat BIM for breakfast. 


We understand the building industry’s unique challenges and focus on increasing efficiency and elevating design. We help our building industry clients communicate their designs, rapidly iterate, and showcase their work. 


Our Team


Logan Smith

Logan is a licensed architect and CPHC turned VR specialist. After helping 100 or so architects, designers, and clients experience their building designs in Virtual Reality, he knows its power to change the AEC industry. At Bevel, Logan creates tools for efficient VR workflow and client communication so that architects can spend more time improving design.

Simon Manning

Simon Manning is a Seattle-based creative technologist who uses VR and AR to better communicate design intent. Clarity and confidence are his benchmarks when building virtual experiences. His innovative work on the F5 tower in Seattle was featured in Wired Magazine and he is regularly invited to speak on the topic of enterprise VR applications.

Maret Thatcher

Maret paid for law school while working on job sites as a laborer and flagger. She soon became a construction lawyer and would later go on to represent a number of contractors later in her estates practice. She was a VR skeptic until the day she put on a headset. She is excited to use Virtual Design and Construction applications in VR.